{{BUY IT}} http://www.together-thedocumentary.coop {{TOGETHER. How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis (2012) Belgium/Spain}} _ Producers: Bruno Roelants, Leire Luengo, Olivier Biron (CECOP-CICOPA Europe) _ Production company: m30m s. coop. and. _ Directed by Ana Sánchez (m30m s. coop. and.) _ Script: Bruno Roelants, Olivier Biron, Leire Luengo, Ana Sánchez _ Director of photography: José Luis Fernández _ Music by Sound Define {{Price of the DVD (including postage):​}} Belgium: 12,50€ Europe: 18,00€ Rest of the world: 19,50€ ---- [Buy the DVD here->http://www.together-thedocumentary.coop/#!buy-the-dvd/civr] (available in English, French, Italian and Spanish)