Also a plan that targets 400 new relocations in the next six months is being defined, given the extraordinary response from the cooperatives of the group, especially those in the industrial area, offering new jobs to provide solutions to the surplus of employment which has arisen from the crisis of Fagor Electrodomésticos.
Furthermore, on 27 December, the Board of Lagun -Aro EPSV - a benefit entity of a mutual nature (members of affiliated cooperatives), providing health care and social welfare provision for its mutual members and beneficiaries - proposed at the General Assembly an increased fee on the provision and employment aid measures to promote access to early retirement, from 55 years onwards.

The number of worker members who could benefit from this measure is close to 300 people. Thus, the Corporation seeks to give an intercooperative answer to the employment problem through early retirement and relocation, and thus fulfill the stated goal of offering solutions in the coming months for a group of between 1,000 and 1,200 persons. Coordinated management The Mondragon Corporation is working hard and in coordination with Lagun -Aro EPSV, the cooperative employment Office, Fagor Electrodomésticos and with other cooperatives.
They are evaluating several options, both temporary and permanent, that can facilitate job placements due to the crisis of Fagor Electrodomésticos. The past trend of employment generation in the Corporation and even today, all sectors continue the same tendency.

The diversity of sectors and markets where cooperatives of the group are present today is a guarantee in the short and medium term that those enterprises will continue to generate new activities, and consequently, new employment opportunities. The fact that businesses are competitive in their respective markets is always good news, and even more so now, as this will offer different options to solve the employment surplus of Fagor Electrodomésticos.