The film, produced by CECOP – CICOPA Europe, illustrate how cooperatives show a better resilience to the crisis and its consequences through testimonies of staff of four European cooperative stories located in France, Poland, Italy and Spain.

The examples filmed include a mineral water factory in Poland founded more than 60 years ago (Muszynianka), a French company in crisis acquired by its workers and transformed into a worker cooperative (Fonderie de l’Aisne), a consortium of social cooperatives in Milan providing labour inclusion to disadvantaged people and social services to thousands of citizens (Consorzio SIS) and an industrial cooperative group which is one of Spain’s main business groups (MONDRAGON Corporation).

Together is also available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Bulgarian and before the end of this year, the film will be also available in Finnish, Portuguese and Czech. If you wish to translate the film into your language, do not hesitate to contact the communication team of CECOP – CICOPA Europe ( [email protected] ).

You can watch the documentary here: