This particular style is also applied by CECOP publications to themes addressed in its work, that no other organization could explain so well, owing to an area of expertise in this area: the links between worker-owned enterprises, legislation, economy and work. Therefore CECOP has been able to address the question of the crisis in an informed manner in its book, "Beyond the crisis: creation of long term wealth".

Within it, one can discover how and why cooperatives have generally resisted the short term effects of the crisis, more effectively than most businesses, and have protected jobs. "Cooperatives, Territories and jobs" describes 20 cooperative experiences.

Reading the book, one can well understand how these enterprises, which are connected and based in local communities, allow a real impact to be made on local communities. This is equally the case in the documentary “Together”, available in DVD, which approaches 4 symbolic cases of cooperative realities in Europe.

Filmed in France, Italy, Spain and Poland, the film released in 2012 reveals, through advanced research and several interviews, how cooperatives show a greater resistance to the crisis and its consequences. This collection would not be complete without comparative studies of European Legislation on the subject of social cooperatives and cooperative enterprises. (Cooperatives and social enterprises: Governance and normative frameworks).

Two further studies are available by free download : those entitled "Business Transfers to Employees under the Cooperative Form in Europe " and "The Resilience of the Cooperative Model".
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