The festival will bring together artists from all over the world, offering an open online space ({{[>]}}) for people to share audiovisual content. The festival aims “to spread and circulate a message of cooperation, promote a social and solidarity economy, and showcase the work of organisations like worker and production cooperatives”. The {{International Association for Cooperative Communication}}, a Spanish organisation with offices in Chile, is leading the initiative. There are currently 14 people working on the project: all professionals working in the cooperative and social and solidarity economy movement. The goal of the Association for Cooperative Communication is ultimately: to promote cooperativism and the social and solidarity economy, and help cooperatives and social and solidarity enterprises become more competitive with improved internal and external communications – above all by using innovative 21st century audiovisual media and IT communications technologies. The event, on f{{rom the 19th to the 26th February 2016 in San Gil (Colombia)}} is being sponsored locally by Fundación Coomuldesa, Resander and Unisangil. A number of different organisations from Chile, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, and Costa Rica will be entering into a spirit of cooperation to organise and support the festival.