The statistics are clear: according to the Women’s Department of the [Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, Coceta->], {{49% of the workers in Spanish cooperatives are women, which is 12% higher than any other types of enterprise}}. {{The percentage of women in senior positions is 39%. In other types of enterprise, this figure is 6%}}. COCETA’s surveys show that about 80% of the women believe that their cooperative helps them to obtain executive positions. Generally speaking, Spanish women earn about 18% less than men for the same kind of job, but in worker cooperatives there is no wage gap. {{Furthermore, 86.9% of worker cooperatives have specific programs for gender equality}}. However, there are still challenges: the statistics regarding cooperative should be the same for women and men, especially in terms of gaining access to senior positions. It is for this very reason that the {{Spanish cooperative movement continues to work hard on gender issues}}. This year, COCETA is planning to resume the publication of its {{Women Review Magazine}}, which had previously been cancelled due to the crisis.