{{71%}} of cooperatives run by young people have been created {{ {ex nihilo} }} while {{9% have been transferred to employees}}, which show the confidence which sellers have in young people. Concerning the activities developed by these young cooperators, {{57%}} of cooperatives operate in the {{services sector}}; while the {{construction }} and {{trade}} sectors account for {{13%}} and {{12%}} respectively. Some of these young leaders will be present on April 22 in Paris at the launch of the {{Young European Cooperators Network}} organized by the British worker cooperative [AltGen->http://www.altgen.org.uk/], the French social cooperative [Solidarité Etudiante->http://www.solidariteetudiante.fr/] and the organisations promoting cooperative enterprises among the youth in Italy [OOP ! - Confcooperative->https://www.facebook.com/OOPgiovani] and [Generazioni - Legacoop->http://generazioni.legacoop.it/] in the framework of the General Assembly of [Cooperatives Europe->https://coopseurope.coop/]. Read the press relase of the CG Scop [here->http://www.les-scop.coop/sites/fr/espace-presse/communique-jeunes-dirigeants]