{{{Communication from Bruno Roelants, CECOP's General Secretary, on the ETUC conference}}} Dear Members, In this section, you will find an [invitation package to the ETUC conference->art164] called: “For the full involvement of employees in the European Cooperative Society” on 15 and 16 June in Brussels. This package contains in particular, a table ([distribution key->art170]) showing the quota by country of representatives of cooperative {{organisations}} (with their names, some of them must be confirmed) and cooperatives {{enterprises}} {{who will obtain a refund for their travel and board and lodging expenses}}. You will find as well an [invitation to a CECOP internal preparatory meeting->art174]. More cooperative representatives can attend the conference both from countries indicated on the table and from other countries, {{but without refund}}. May I emphasise the importance of this meeting at the very moment, when we have just put social dialogue very high on the CECOP agenda (see [2006 management plan approved at the general assembly->art153]), and when we are considering to prepare a social dialogue project with ETUC to be introduced in September. Furthermore, the [programme of the conference->art166] shows that we can have a broader approach to it than simply the SCE directive, to embrace the whole issue of workers' participation in workers' cooperatives. I look forward to meeting you at this event. Best regards, _ Bruno Roelants _ General Secretary