In less than 4 minutes, the video comically shows the modernity and simplicity worker cooperatives, cooperative of collective interest and how cooperative enterprises and entrepreneurs can be supported in their project by the French worker cooperative network and Cooperative activities and employment. Available on the CG Scop website, the video has also already been viewed more than 8,000 times on the Youtube network.

From the video, the General Confederation of Worker Cooperatives also produced an educational interface specifically designed for teachers looking for tools to educate their pupils or students to key points to remember about what a worker cooperative and foundations of the cooperative project: Beyond these tools for young people and teachers, the French network of worker cooperatives was also present at the “Salon de l’Education” for the first time from 21st to 24th November in Paris, promoting its initiatives with young people. In particular, the second edition of “Cooperative Campus”, a school designed to enable young people to learn for a fortnight in July 2014 to cooperative entrepreneurship. Inspired by an initiative born in Quebec, “Cooperative Campus” is for young people aged 18 to 35 years, regardless of their status, student, employee or job seeker.

The school is international and welcomes all young francophone countries.The training cost of 2,500 euros per student is almost entirely supported by the partners of the operation: Poitou- Charentes, France-Quebec Office for Youth, International Youth Offices of Québec, Caisse des Dépôts and the University of Poitiers in which the training takes place.

This means that the all-inclusive price of participation for each young person is limited to 150 euros, including accommodation and catering! Applications are downloaded from and it should be returned before 15th May, 2014. Contact: Regional Union of Scop Poitou -Charentes:

In its November 2013 issue of the worker cooperative magazine “PARTICIPATE” an update on the role of the cooperative model in education and initiatives for worker cooperatives make it better known.

It is available here.