A survey has been sent to cooperators all over the world to capture their thoughts and feelings about the most important attributes of cooperation.

The answers will help to test the ideas about the best way to unite cooperatives around common messages and create a new global logo. Inputs can be contributed here.

Hurry up, the survey will close on 9th May 2013! The strategic plan of the “Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade” is for the cooperative form of business to become the acknowledged leader in economic, social and environmental sustainability, the model preferred by people and the fastest growing form of enterprise by 2020. In particular, the “Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade” states that, in order to deliver the 2020 vision, it is necessary to “build the cooperative message and secure the cooperative identity (…)” and to consider that “it needs a more sharply articulated message (or brand) so that people are more aware of what they are choosing when faced with the option between a cooperative or an investor or privately-owned business”.

The aim is that an image will become the new cooperative visual identity and it will be used to provide a “unity of purpose” for the global cooperative movement. For this reason, the ICA has appointed Calverts, a worker cooperative funded in 1977 which is based in East London, to deliver the global cooperative brand with the research and support provided by Guerrini Island Design, based in Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

This visual identity will be approved in June by ICA Board (Korea).

It will be officially launched at the ICA Global Conference and General Assembly (Cape Town, South Africa) in November 2013. Source ICA: http://ica.coop/en/media/news/global-image-co-operative-movement-set-take-shape