CECOP, together with [Cooperatives Europe->https://coopseurope.coop/] that sent a press release welcoming the Bratislava Declaration, agrees the declaration is particularly positive as it builds upon and encourages Members States to consult and implement the recommendations presented in the recent [GECES (Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship)->http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/social-economy/enterprises/expert-groups_en] [Report released on 15th of November->http://ec.europa.eu/DocsRoom/documents/19941/]. A paragraph of this report refers to cooperatives and mutual societies’ legal framework, calling upon the Commission and Member States to stimulate cross-border operations which would enable cooperatives to use the full potential of the Internal Market to expand their activities. Cooperatives Europe has reminded in its communication that {{social economy “does not only touch upon social issues – cooperatives, for example, are also active in industry, production and services”.}} More information [here ->https://coopseurope.coop/resources/news/member-states-call-increased-recognition-social-economy] [Bratislava Declaration->https://coopseurope.coop/sites/default/files/Bratislava%20declaration.pdf]