Cooproute is an innovative cultural and industrial tourism itinerary, composed by cooperatives which are deeply rooted in the local territory, especially those run by young people, whose economic activities contribute to preserve the traditional local skills and products and develop a material and immaterial cultural heritage, being attractive from a point of view of tourism.

Also other sites and destinations that best illustrate the culture and values of the cooperative movement will be part of the itinerary such as, for example, the Rochdale Pioneers Museum.

Participants discussed the best methodology to identify the cooperative sites, which will be part of the Route and the most appropriate communication strategy to give it visibility. In particular, partners agreed on the selection criteria to identify the cooperative sites, which will map the itinerary.

This first action will lead in the next months to the creation and distribution of a questionnaire, which each Cooproute partner will spread to its members in order to individuate the ones who best suits the selection criteria. Partners also worked together on the best communication ways to reach and get in touch with young people, which have been considered the target of Cooproute project.

The partners challenge is to make each single site and the entire Cooproute itinerary attractive, especially to young people which are the next generation heralds of cooperative values. For more information about Cooproute, please click here.