The book focuses on five different modalities by which cooperatives active in industry and services contribute to sustainable employment and regional development: their overall governance at the enterprise level; the successful cooperativisation of enterprises in crisis or without heir; the creation of workplaces for marginalized citizens; the delivery of social services that favour employment; and the building of horizontal groups among cooperatives.

{{When reading the cases depicted in this book, one realises that a relevant model for the future that we need to build after the crisis already exists}}
Pervenche Berès, Chair of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament

{{Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs}} _ edited by Bruno Roelants, Valerio Pellirossi and Olivier Biron _ ISBN: 978-2-9600861-2-6 - 194 pages _ CECOP Publications 2011 (available in English and French) _ printed on 100% recycled paper Download the electronic versiones here: {{{PRICE}}} {{32€}} VAT included (excluding postage) With {{PayPal}}: Please chose the payment option with the postage corresponding to the delivery address (Belgium – European Union – Outside the European Union). Only orders with the correct postage will be shipped. Postage optionCooperatives, Territories and Jobs (postage Belgium) €37,00 EURCooperatives, Territories and Jobs (postage EU) €45,00 EURCooperatives, Territories and Jobs (postage out of the EU) €53,00 EUR