The European Commission’s consultation documents published on February 24th, 2021 rightfully identified seven areas in which actions are required: 1. employment status, 2. working conditions, 3. access to social protection, 4. access to collective representation and bargaining, 5. cross-border dimensions of platform work, 6. algorithmic management, 7. training and professional opportunities for people working through platforms. 

Workers need the legal certainty on their working contracts that ensures access to social protection. As the consultation documents recognize, cooperatives have successfully created models which allow for social protection for workers and enabled better pay and working conditions.  

CECOP and its members gained substantial experiences in addressing the needs of platform workers, developing cooperative solutions to the challenges of the platform economy and to improve working conditions for platform workers. Based on these experiences, CECOP calls for urgent legislative measures to address these issues. Without legislative effort, workers fall behind and enterprises that aspire the best possible working conditions are facing unfair competition based on social dumping. 


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