We were honored by the opening remarks of Amparo Merino, Spanish State Secretary for Social Economy "Social Economy is a different way of doing economy, since it puts the wellbeing of people at the center. This is why during uncertain and turbulent times such as today, CECOP’s work is more important than ever in order to reinforce cooperatives values and social economy principles".

The GA was an opportunity to get together with members and discuss the direction of the organisation, the results of the EU elections and to reflect on what has CECOP achieved during the last term, present the work plan, and have enriching exchanges on the most valuable topics currently being discussed in their organisations.

New members of the board

The General Assembly approved four new representatives of the board

  • Vladislav Lazarov, president of NUWPC, Bulgaria
  • Babs Macgregors, cooperator for workers.coop, UK
  • Jenny De Villiers newly appointed representative for Cooperatives UK
  • Amaya Delgado new director of COCETA, Spain