Patricia Lexcellent, managing director of CG Scop (France), presented the support services for the transmission to employees established by CG Scop and its regional unions.
She has also indicated the main advantages of business transfers to employees, “the pursuit of entrepreneurial values, it is a process that secures the one that ceases the activity as well as the group that takes it over”.

Stéphane Jean Pierre, General Director of the French worker cooperative HISA (transformed into cooperative by its workers in 2012), shared the challenges of the transformation with the public. This cooperative has created 30 new jobs since its take-over.

Many speakers from the European Commission have mentioned the transfer of businesses to the employees as one of the viable possibilities. This represents an advance in regard of previous years, when employee take-overs were strongly marginalised.

Read the study on this topic published by CECOP in 2013