The European Commission, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Bulgaria, CECOP, the National Union of Worker Producers’ Cooperatives (NUWPC) and 8 non-governmental organizations are co-organisers of this event. This [Forum->doc1256] enjoys growing interest from the business partners, media and public. We expect that it will attract more than 30,000 visitors. At the conference entitled [cecop cuatro]“The Social Entrepreneurship – innovative model of social inclusion and employment"[/cecop cuatro], to be held on 31 March, discussions focused on the new policies concerning social entrepreneurship and social economy, public private partnership and the opportunities and perspectives for the social economy will be at the heart of the debate. Each year, representatives from the European Commission; the EESC, other European institutions; European cooperatives and non-governmental organizations are involved in the forums. The draft program is available [here->doc1254] Fill in the [registration form->doc1255] and send it back before 10.03.2016 to take part at the Fifth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship