But in order to do that, we would need you as CECOP members to do the following: 1. Complete this questionnaire ([click here->http://www.cecop.coop/IMG/doc/questionnaire_EN.doc]), possibly consulting your structures and units which are directly involved in enterprise start-ups (e.g. regional organisations), then send it to the European Commission at [entr-startups@ec.europa.eu->mailto:entr-startups@ec.europa.eu] with a copy to CECOP (so that we can follow it up), before or until October 13 at the latest. 2. If possible, to develop in a more detailed manner one or several concrete cases of difficulties encountered, on the basis of question 1 of the questionnaire (“Are there any specific cases of experiences that you would like to highlight?”), and to send it directly to CECOP (if possible, in English or French, if really impossible, we could also accept Italian, Spanish or German). There will then be a selection of those cases by the Commission, and the CECOP member organisation which will have submitted a selected case will be invited (all costs paid by the Commission as it seems - to be confirmed) to come to Brussels in order to present it directly at the workshop.