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"Transparency" consultation

12 September 2006 [ English ] français ]

The text written by the secretariat in answer to the European consultation on " Transparency " has been addressed to the competent services of the Commission and has been put on line on our site.

On the occasion of the call to contribution that the secretariat had launched, the UNWPC - National Union of Workers’ Productive Cooperatives, Bulgarian full member of CECOP, signalled us that the issues linked to lobbying were currently the object of legislative discussions in Bulgaria and that a Government bill was being submitted to the Bulgarian Parliament. The UNWPC estimates that the initiative of the European Commission is certainly going to accelerate the legislative process at the national level. The demand for transparency at the level of lobbying activities appears all the more essential to them that it will make more efficient the promotion and the protection of the interests of the cooperative movement.

Here is CECOP’s position.