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TOGETHER. How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis

A documentary by CECOP-CICOPA Europe

It’s a reality. In Europe, 1.5 million workers co-own their enterprises. They are called worker cooperatives, social cooperatives or participative enterprises. The documentary TOGETHER reveals, through extensive research and exclusive interviews, why those enterprises show a major resilience to the crisis and its consequences through 4 examples: a mineral water plant in Poland (Muszynianka), a company in crisis transformed into a worker cooperative in France (Fonderie de l’Aisne), a consortium of social cooperatives in Italy (Consorzio SIS) and one of Spain’s main business groups (MONDRAGON Corporation).



TOGETHER. How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis (2012) Belgium/Spain
Producers: Bruno Roelants, Leire Luengo, Olivier Biron (CECOP-CICOPA Europe)
Production company: m30m s. coop. and.
Directed by Ana Sánchez (m30m s. coop. and.)
Script: Bruno Roelants, Olivier Biron, Leire Luengo, Ana Sánchez
Director of photography: José Luis Fernández
Music by Sound Define

Price of the DVD (including postage):​
Belgium: 12,50€
Europe: 18,00€
Rest of the world: 19,50€

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