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Sustainable European Economy? Cooperatives do it better!

7 September 2011 [ English ] français ]

CECOP-CICOPA Europe has released 2 books on the contribution of cooperatives active in industry and services to a European sustainable economy. Those publications show why cooperatives are sustainable enterprises and how, as such, they anticipate change, create and safeguard employment, participate to the development of territories and have been more resilient to the economic crisis

- "Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs: Twenty experiences of cooperatives active in industry and services across Europe", edited by Bruno Roelants, Valerio Pellirossi and Olivier Biron - With 20 stories of cooperatives active in industry and services, this book focuses on five different approaches by which those enterprises contribute to sustainable employment and regional development. From the internationally recognized Mondragon Cooperative group in Spain to a successful wholefood distribution firm in the UK, the cases depicted in this book illustrate how cooperatives have an impact on employment and territorial development whereas they proved to be particularly resilient to the crisis. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT.

- "Beyond the Crisis: Cooperatives, Work, Finance. Generating Wealth for the Long Term", by Alberto Zevi, Antonio Zanotti, François Soulage and Adrian Zelaia - Against the backdrop of the global financial and economic crisis that flared up in 2007/2008, this book reflects the particularly strong resilience of cooperatives and other forms of employee-owned enterprises in the industrial and service sectors. It explains why worker cooperation can provide a major contribution not only to the efforts being made to cope with change, but also to anticipate it. The study focuses particularly on three countries where cooperation is very strong, namely Italy, Spain and France. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT.