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Spread the word: 6 July, International Cooperative Day !

19 June 2013 [ English ] français ]

This year’s International Cooperative Day celebrated July 6, has the theme “Cooperative enterprise remains strong in times of crisis”. This 91st International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) International Cooperative Day being also the 19th UN International Day of Cooperatives will give the cooperative movement an opportunity to reflect on all that cooperatives have done in hard times and in good times.

CICOPA and its European organisation CECOP – CICOPA Europe have recently published the results of several publications about how cooperatives in industries and services show resilience to the crisis. Precisely, last year, the study “The resilience of the cooperative model” and the documentary “Together”, were presented, revealing through extensive research and exclusive interviews, why cooperatives in industries and services show a major resilience to the crisis and its consequences in Europe, both were produced by CECOP - CICOPA Europe.

About the International Day

The International Day of Cooperatives is celebrated every year, on the first Saturday of July. The objectives are to increase awareness on cooperatives and promote the movement’s successes and the ideals of international solidarity, economic efficiency, equality and world peace. At the same time it seeks to strengthen and extend partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other actors.

The first time that the ICA celebrated the International Day was in 1923. Since 1995, the ICA and the United Nations set the theme for the celebration of the International Day through the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC). The theme is generally selected during the spring.

Read the full message from the ICA here.