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Social cooperatives create the first Italian network of social agriculture

12 December 2016 [ English ] français ]

After one year from the approval of the Italian law on social agriculture, the first Italian network of social agriculture "AgriCo.Re – Agricoltura e Cooperazione in rete" will be created. It will gather together social cooperatives from all around Italy promoting work inclusion of disadvantaged people and welfare, assistance, social services and education.

The network AgriCo.Re aims at empowering the activities of the social agricultural operators through actions of aggregation and promotion. AgriCo.Re will also launch a brand "AgriSocial Italia" aimed at distinguish and promote the social agricultural productions. The brand logo is accompanied by a different QR for each product that will allow consumers to access the web page linked to showing the product description, manufacturer and their ethical and social values as well as the characteristics.

A Central Sales Office aimed at aggregate production and assortment capacity of different producers and provide them with technical and commercial skills, not only will foster business relations but also encourage shared supply design projects. The Central Sales Office is responsible for developing the commercial actions of the network, those facing outward, i.e. in search for customers, and those facing inward, i.e. provision of domestic supplies. Thus, holding valuable amount of information on the members and on their productions, the office will be able to detect the individual needs of products and the partner in the network that can satisfy them.

The federation of social cooperatives in Italy Federsolidarietà, member of CECOP, supported the study and the work behind the network as a facilitator and mentor. AgriSocial Italia is promoting the development of several cooperatives that were gathered together in the national working group "Social Agricolture" of the federation.