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Scenes from the documentary Together available on the TV channel France 2

3 January 2013 [ English ] français ]

Some scenes from the documentary Together, produced by CECOP – CICOPA Europe and filmed by the worker cooperative, m30m were shown on the French television channel France 2, on 30th December. The images have been included in the film “Charles Gide and the cooperatives”, directed by Marie Orcel in the framework of the International Year of Cooperatives.

The documentary will be available online for one week on the following website: http://pluzz.francetv.fr/videos/presence_protestante_,74985433.html You can watch the scenes from the documentary Together from the minute 20’19’’.

“Charles Gide and the cooperatives” offers a portrait of him as a member of the League of Human Rights and an historic leader of the French cooperative movement.

More information about the documentary Together here: http://www.together-thedocumentary.coop/

Watch the full documentary Together here.