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Responsible Construction Worker Cooperatives in the Construction sector launch their CSR label

31 March 2016 [ English ] français ]

Several cooperative and participative enterprises in the French construction sector will soon be able to display the Worker Cooperatives BTP (Construction and Public Works) label on all of their documents. This label has been granted to the sector in recognition of the positive evaluation of good practices in the field, which has been awarded by a labelling committee comprised of representative stakeholders from the entire building and public works sector.

The first Labelling Committee is now ready after almost one year of work. The Federation of BTP Scopand the relevant Direction of Afnor certification, a body which specialises in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related initiatives, have been working on the launch of this label since June 2015. Applicants are required to complete four stages in order to receive the label: awareness-raising, self-evaluation, AFAQ 26000 evaluation and, finally, validation by the Labelling Committee.

The recognition granted by this label will allow for the raising of the public construction sector’s awareness around responsibility-related issues. As the Federation’s website points out, “CSR is the enterprises’ voluntary contribution to sustainable development. It is expressed through the desire of these companies to show themselves to be acting in the best possible way in order to improve their environmental practices, to be a dynamic economic actor in their region and to implement good human resource management practices.”

In setting the parameters to be followed by the construction cooperatives, Afnor based its work on the AFAQ 26000 evaluation model. During its design phase, it was stated that, “this has been recognised as being the most complete model on the market in terms of the way in which it reflects ISO 26000, the international standard on corporate social responsibility.”

The Labelling Committee will be composed of representatives from the entire BTP branch: public and private clients, banks, insurance companies, prevention bodies, associations...

A pioneering label which is currently in the process of being recognised by the public authorities

The BTP Worker Cooperatives CSR label is the fruit of a close partnership which was initiated in 2012 between the Federation of BTP Scop and Afnor Certification, as well as work carried out collectively between the cooperatives and their stakeholders. It has been established with the General Commission for sustainable development, which has closely monitored its formulation and development.

A new web space dedicated to actions undertaken by Worker Cooperatives and Scic
A large number of Worker Cooperatives and Scic are already engaged in CSR-related actions. In order to improve the promotion of this approach amongst their members and the public at large, Scop has launched a dedicated webpage on its website which includes an information brochure regarding CSR, a practical guide, a list of good practices within the movement, contact details of experts….To find out more, visit www.les-scop.coop.

Information regarding the Federation of BTP Scop
The Federation of BTP Scop, which was created in 1946, is a professional union of employers recognised by the public authorities. It brings together more than 40 professions and has ten regional federations. “The Worker Cooperatives in the BTP sector are the proponents of a substantial social and economic ethical approach within French society and this makes them particularly sensitive to sustainable development on the basis of the values of sharing, respect, mutual aid and solidarity which they promote.”
More information may be found on the BTP Scop Federation’s website.