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Recovering work!

6 October 2011 [ English ] français ]

Manlio Masucci is the author of a photographic investigation on cooperatives in the city of Montevideo and in the Canelones Province. The pictures of Recuperare il lavoro / Recuperar el trabajo (Recovering work; available in Spanish and Italian) puts the human at the centre of working activity. The book contains articles about some of the major experts in the sector of worker buy-outs in Latin America. This extraordinary piece of work is the result of a project led by the Italian NGO’s Iscos and Cospe and the Federation of Cooperatives of Uruguay with the support of the European Union.

The book gives a better understanding of the worker buy-out phenomenon under the cooperative form in Latin America, which participates in the economic revival as an alternative model of development to the neoliberalism one which dominated for years in this region.

Masucci is an Italian journalist and photo reporter specialized in employment issues. He worked as a correspondent in South America, the United States and India for different agencies and newspapers including Ansa and Il Messaggero.

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