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New websites launched for cooperatives

17 October 2011 [ English ] français ]

The platform Global News Hub is publishing cooperative news, features and comments from across the world on one single website. All articles are listed on www.thenews.coop and contents are automatically tagged to appear in a number of categories organised by author, organisation name and sector. The multi-lingual website automatically personalises news updates to the user based on their country or region, and displays the contents in the users’ language. This website contributes towards the celebration of the United Nations’ International Year of Cooperatives in 2012.

In the same way, “stories.coop”, another digital campaign, is due to start soon. It is a dynamic and interactive website where stories of cooperatives will be published daily. Any cooperative can share its story and one of them will be highlighted and published each day on the official UN website of the International Year of Cooperatives during 2012. For more information visit: http://www.stories.coop/.