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New version of the Bolkestein Directive approved by Economy Ministers of the EU

5 June 2006 [ English ] français ]

The text of the Service Directive as amended on 16 February 2006 by the European Parliament has gone back to the Commission. Less than two months later, on 4 April 2006, the Commission publishes a new proposal, to be submitted to the Council, proposing amendments to the amendments made by the Parliament. On 29 May 2006, the Competitiveness Council proposes a third version meant to be a compromise between the Parliament version and the Commission one.

The Competiveness Council text will now probably be approved by the European Council (meeting of heads of state) on 15 June or at a further meeting. Even so, lobbying on your national side to your governments is useful. If approved, the text will be sent in second reading to the European parliament, which can either approve the Council text, or propose further amendments.

The CECOP observations go in the sense of re- amending the text according to the original European Parliament’s version. The chance of this happening has increased by the European socialists’ initiative yesterday to formally request the Commission to publish a Directive on Services of General Interest, which would go in the same direction as the CECOP’s observations, and on which we request your reactions.

Click here to access the document that presents the observations of CECOP on Directive as amended by the Competitiveness Council.