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Medcoop: driving innovation and groups in the Mediterranean region

27 February 2013 [ English ] français ]

A new European association of cooperatives has been created: Medcoop.
This new reality aims to be a think tank orientated towards the promotion, innovation and the effective grouping of the cooperative sector in the Mediterranean region. It will mainly be a laboratory of projects of methodology and work tools capable of anticipating and helping these enterprises in the active management of change. The association will integrate the regional approach as much as the transnational approach. It seeks to unite those responsible for regional politics, the cooperative system, service providers and experts from the sector, in the analysis of cases in the Mediterranean, and the development of political recommendations.

The activities which the project plans to develop are the management of an institute able to exchange the knowledge of best practices and the promotion of transnational networks to support the innovation and internationalisation of the sector. It also aims to support the refinement of specific project proposals and local development strategies; the management of a “Social Brand” to improve the visibility of this enterprise model and to represent the interests and needs of its members in international and European organisations, and national institutions.

This entity was created in the framework of the European project ICS PYMES and cooperative economics for local development in which cooperative organisations from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece are participating. It is seeking to establish a common trans-national strategy, which promotes consortia, the internationalisation and innovation of cooperative enterprises and enterprises belonging to their workers in the Mediterranean.

The association will officially be established in the final conference in Greece on 11th April. In this conference, in which CECOP will also participate, the results of the ICS project will be presented. The social headquarters of the association is the Ancona area, in the offices of Legacoop Marche.

ICS is financed by the European territorial Cooperation programme for the Mediterranean (MED). ICS includes partners such as the Confederation of Organisations for Social Economy of Andalusia (CEPES Andalucía), Spain, and the National League of Cooperatives and Mutuals (Legacoop) in Italy

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