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Italian government launches the reform of the third sector : important role assigned to social cooperatives as drivers of growth and employment

24 June 2014 [ English ] français ]

“It is with great satisfaction and pride that we welcome Prime Minister Renzi’s decision to assign social cooperatives and social enterprises the role of being the actors most capable of creating both growth and employment. We would like to see the proposal regarding Universal Civil Service for 100,000 young people to be activated as soon as possible. Youth unemployment constitutes an emergency in the present day. We should remember that one in every three young people employed in civil service in one of our social cooperatives is then employed by the cooperative in question.” These were the comments made by Giuseppe Guerini, President of Federsolidarietà-Federsolidarietà, the largest Italian Federation of Social Cooperatives, in response to the Guidelines for the reform of the third sector announced by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“We agree with the revision of the accreditation requirements and the awards procedure. Some measures introduced by the European Union over the last few months have a similar purpose. The new procurements and concessions directives, as well as the new programming of Community funds for the 2014-2020 period, accord priority to social cooperation and to social enterprises. The reform announced by the prime minister is a chance to take up and to make the most of this opportunity at the national level.”

“The close to 10,000 social cooperatives, social enterprises and consortia which belong to the Alliance of Social Cooperatives, together with the 365,000 employed by them, are ready to make their contribution on the basis of the innovatory heritage of our system. Indeed, Italy was the first country in Europe to create social enterprises through the introduction of law 381/91.”

“The aspects of the reform of the social services, which are based upon choices made with a view to bringing about the greater involvement of social cooperation in the promotion of social policies, are of great interest. Finally, we should also remember our involvement in an emergency situation. Here I am referring to our social cooperatives which are shouldering the responsibility for taking care of the asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors who are landing on our coast. We are providing reception facilities for them whilst Europe continues to drag its feet and in the face of payments which have been delayed for more than a year.”

Read here the position paper and proposals (in Italian) made by Federsolidarietà on the consultation document launched by the Italian Government: