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Italian cooperatives resist the crisis

8 October 2010 [ English ] français ]

The cooperatives affiliated to Confcooperative in Italy are facing the crisis: like all other businesses, they have witnessed a considerable reduction in orders. This reduced production has not had any negative effects on employment. On the contrary, these companies managed to maintain employment levels and have even recorded a 2% increase in employment over the year 2009, from 506.000 to 517.000 workers, in all cooperative sectors combined.

In production cooperatives and social cooperatives, this increase rises to 3.7%, while we see that employment remains stable in the industrial and service cooperatives; social cooperatives recorded an 8 % increase in employment.

This demonstrates again the greater resilience of cooperatives to the economic crisis. Thus, workers who are business owners may decide not to redistribute the surplus (profit) of the company and use it to keep the staff employed.

Nevertheless, the difficulty in accessing credit, late payments from the public administration, the delayed contracts and bureaucracy is seriously reducing the competitiveness of these enterprises.

Source: Elabora, Studies center of Confcooperative - www.elabora.coop