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International conference of worker and social cooperatives in Marseille

9 August 2012 [ English ] français ]

In the framework of the International Year of Cooperatives and of the Congress of the French Worker Cooperatives (Scop), the main international event for worker cooperatives and social cooperatives will take place in Marseille. Preceded by a day focused on the French cooperative movement, on the 16th November the Global Worker Cooperative Day will take place, organized jointly by CICOPA and CG Scop.

A full day of exchanges and experiences of the diversity of the models and practices of worker cooperation across the world have been planned, with debates and analyses on the urgent challenges stemming from today’s crises, with tested solutions in enterprise transfer and transformation, networking and clustering. There will be representatives and testimonies from key experiences from various countries in different continents; Brazil, the USA, Canada, India, Argentina, Japan, Italy, Spain, and France included.

More information here (in French) : www.l-heure-des-scop.coop