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Going all over Europe following a European tour of cooperative culture

4 October 2013 [ English ] français ]

CECOP has just launched a new European project aiming at the design of transnational product in the field of cultural and industrial tourism: an innovative itinerary going through various European countries. This route will be composed by cooperatives which are deeply rooted in the local territory, especially those run by young people, whose economic activities contribute to preserve the traditional local skills and products and develop a material and immaterial cultural heritage, being attractive from a point of view of tourism. In addition, other sites and destinations that best illustrate the culture and values of the cooperative movement will be part of the itinerary.

A dedicated website will be launched and an online guide will present virtual tours of cooperative tourism in the European countries involved, with descriptions and interactive maps. The project, called “The European Route of Cooperative Culture – Cooproute”, has the ambition to be recognized as a European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe.

The project will contribute to diversify the offer of tourism products and services in Europe by identifying, promoting and developing good experiences and practices within the European cooperative movement. The project will create a critical and coherent mass of destinations and will strengthen the tourist potential of these cooperative experiences, with a strong emphasis on territorial heritage and identity. It is also aimed to help the economic regeneration and job creation in (post) industrial regions and strengthen the transnational cooperation in favour of the cooperative enterprise model and culture.

This project is co-finance by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry). The countries involved are Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia, Denmark, Malta, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Germany.