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Each week, a different cooperative will feature in the CICOPA and CECOP social networks !

29 January 2013 [ English ] français ]

In 2012, during the International Year of Cooperatives, several initiatives took place in order to highlight the role of cooperatives. For example, the stories.coop website published a new story about a cooperative every day. CICOPA and CECOP would like to use social networks to pursue this effort and to promote cooperatives in industry and services thoughout the world.

Once a week, CICOPA (and CECOP, its European organisation) will highlight a cooperative by posting on its social networks (Facebook & Twitter) pictures, videos and a short description of the enterprise. This material could also be published on the homepage of the CICOPA and CECOP websites.

The cooperatives of our network themselves would be promoted through this initiative. It represents a funny, modern and interactive initiative. We will count your Tweets, Retweets, « i like » mentions and shares in order to draw attention to those cooperatives!

Please send us pictures of your cooperative, showing the activities and people at work, a video if available and a short description of the activities and its geographical situation. You can submit your stories to olivier.biron@cecop.coop.

Follow this action on Twitter with the hashtag #1coop1week

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