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Creation of Nova SCE, the third European cooperative society

10 August 2009 [ English ] français ]

The third European cooperative society has been created in Italy on 29 June 2009. Nova SCE has had a long period of constitution which was necessary in order to meet with the harmonisation of the European rules (Reg CE 1435/2003) and the national law. This was possible also thanks to the collaboration of “Lega delle Cooperative” (Union of Cooperatives) and the “Service for Cooperation of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region”. On 27 July, the Commission in charge has registered Nova to the Regional Register of Cooperatives which completed the validation of the statutes and the constitution of the cooperative.

Nova’s main offices are situated in Trieste, Italy, just at the centre between Slovenia, Austria and the Adriatic see. The European cooperative aims at the promotion and the management of internationalisation and innovation services for SME’s and public administration. Nova is active in consulting, research and management of financial and economic instruments with a particular focus on European financings.

Nova SCE is a worker cooperative, constituted on one hand by 8 individual members experienced in entrepreneurial management and cooperatives in particular and in management of EU financings and by 2 member cooperatives active in the region.

For more information, you can contact Nova at nova.segreteria@gmail.com