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Cooperatives still more resilient to the crisis

29 July 2011 [ English ] français ]

Every year since 2009, CICOPA has been consulting its members made up of national organisations representing cooperatives in industry and services in 33 countries throughout the world (including 16 EU countries). This consultation process has resulted in an annual report which gives a better understanding of the effects of the crisis on cooperative enterprises.

The new report about the situation in 2010 provides some key elements on how those cooperatives face the crisis: what has been, in 2010, the impact on worker and social cooperatives of the crisis that flared up in 2008? Is the situation different in Europe compared to the rest of the world? Are there any signs of recovery? Were the measures put in place by worker and social cooperatives and their federations during the previous years sufficient to limit employment losses and enterprise closures in 2010?

Among other things, the results of this consultation shows that in terms of economic performance, the employment and enterprise survival rate for worker and social cooperatives is better compared to conventional enterprises as well. It also shows stronger signs of recovery mostly in countries with a stronger cooperative implantation and experience.

With this 3rd report, cooperatives represented by CICOPA with their democratic management and governance, again show their tendency to produce a type and level of organisational innovation that significantly contributes to the economic sustainability of the enterprise.

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