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Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs: Twenty experiences of cooperatives active in industry and services across Europe

Edited by Bruno Roelants, Valerio Pellirossi and Olivier Biron

The massive wealth and job destruction caused by the 2008 financial crisis has brought back the focus onto the real economy, job creation and territorial development in public agendas. There seems to be a rediscovery of the fact that employment, provided it is sustainable, is conducive to regional development. Cooperatives, precisely, have a special impact on employment and territorial development, and have proved to be particularly resilient to the crisis, due to their distinctive characteristics.

The book focuses on five different modalities by which cooperatives active in industry and services contribute to sustainable employment and regional development: their overall governance at the enterprise level; the successful cooperativisation of enterprises in crisis or without heir; the creation of workplaces for marginalized citizens; the delivery of social services that favour employment; and the building of horizontal groups among cooperatives.

When reading the cases depicted in this book, one realises that a relevant model for the future that we need to build after the crisis already exists
Pervenche Berès, Chair of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament

Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs
edited by Bruno Roelants, Valerio Pellirossi and Olivier Biron
ISBN: 978-2-9600861-2-6 - 194 pages
CECOP Publications 2011 (available in English and French)
printed on 100% recycled paper

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