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Conference “European Co-operative Societies in the social sector - a tool to promote cross border cooperation in Central and Eastern European Countries” Krakow, 13th - 14th December 2007

18 décembre 2007 [ français ] français ]

The conference, organized by the National Auditing Union of Worker’s Co-operatives, and financed by the European Union (DG Enlargement/TAIEX), gathered around 50 representatives from different Central and Eastern European Countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria) including from the CECOP member organizations in those countries as well as experts from the Italian co-operative movement, and from CECOP and DIESIS.

During the meeting, a large variety of different experiences from the countries taking part were presented, the legal, taxes and other systems of all the countries were compared, different obstacles in creating European Co-operative Societies in different countries as well as influence of this EU Regulation and Directive on the legislation of the member states were presented.

The second day of the conference was devoted to make the participants more familiar with the social co-operatives sector in the different countries present, with an introduction presenting the social co-operatives experience in Poland and Italy.

Thanks to the presentations and discussions during several thematic workshops, participants shared knowledge and experiences about the practical aspects of this kind of co-operatives, which combine social and entrepreneurial activities, business support structures, specific skills as well as about the role of partnership and its instruments used to institutionalize cooperation at local, national and transnational level.

The participation of CECOP Secretary General Bruno Roelants was appreciated by organizers and participants.

By NAUWC, Poland