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CECOP will produce a documentary about the resilience of cooperatives to the crisis

19 January 2012 [ English ] français ]

CECOP is working on a documentary on the resilience of the cooperatives and participative enterprises in industry and services to the crisis. The film will bring forward emblematic examples of restructuring measures by cooperatives in four European countries: the Foundry de l’Aisne, an enterprise in crisis transformed into a cooperative in France, the MONDRAGON Corporation, the 7th largest industrial group in Spain, Muszynianka, a producer of mineral water in Poland and Consorzio SIS, a social cooperative consortium in Italy.

The documentary will explain the main findings of a report about the resilience of the CECOP network to the crisis that flared up between 2007 and 2008, and its consequences. The film and the report are being developed within a project named “Cooperate” that has been awarded by the European Commission.

The documentary will be of around 40 minutes (with English and French versions) and will be disseminated among public institutions, civil society organisations and TV channels. The shooting is foreseen to start on 20th February and will last until mid-March.

The Spanish cooperative m30m, that has been chosen to produce the documentary, has extensive experience in the production of audiovisual products in the fields of cooperatives and social economy. The documentary film will debut at a conference in June, in the presence of representatives of the EU institutions and several key cooperative actors.