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CECOP welcomes a new associate member: Co-operative Support Services Limited (CSS)

24 May 2012 [ English ] français ]

CECOP-CICOPA Europe has a new associate member: Co-operative Support Services Limited (CSS), from Ireland. CSS was established in 2006 and offers cooperative support services for Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs. It is a minority ethnic-led organisation working to design projects and activities aimed at contributing towards the development of ethnic minority groups in Ireland. The key function of CSS is the promotion, the development and the support of the cooperative and social enterprise sector as part of the local sustainable economic development.

Furthermore, CSS encourages and supports potential common entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice. Thereby, its mission is to encourage and help immigrants to unlock their full potential by pooling their skills and resources to develop cooperative businesses in their chosen business sectors.

To see more about CSS click here: http://www.css.coop