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CECOP-CICOPA Europe presents the new documentary “Together -How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis"

29 June 2012 [ English ] français ]

CECOP-CICOPA Europe had the premiere of its new documentary “Together - How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis" due to be released in September. The European institutions and members of the cooperative movement took part in the event celebrated at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on 26th June.

The screening of “Together” was followed by the presentation of the CECOP - CICOPA Europe study entitled “The resilience of the cooperative model" which shows, in the same line as the documentary, how worker cooperatives, social cooperatives and other worker-owned enterprises face the crisis and its consequences in Europe.

Several representatives from the experiences filmed were present at the event. Maria Janas, president of Muszynianka, one of the cooperatives featured in the documentary highlighted that “watching the film, I can say that the very common issue is the human being, because we are all focused on the people who work in our cooperatives”. The Secretary General of the MONDRAGON Corporation, Arantza Laskurain, also participated in the debate and pointed out that “the cooperative model represents a competitive advantage per se, because it is based on concepts which allow for improved flexibility and adaptation”.

The documentary will be released in September at the same time as an exhibition at the European Parliament with pictures of the cooperative experiences from the film.

For more information, or to see some extracts of the documentary, you can visit the website here: www.together-thedocumentary.coop