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Anis Chowdhury (United Nations): “Cooperatives, a viable alternative to the dominant economic paradigm”

14 January 2012 [ English ] français ]

Anis Chowdhury, Senior Economic Affairs Officer at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA), stated that the cooperative movement “has the potential to present itself as a viable alternative to the dominant economic paradigm”. He took part in the debate “The Way Forward”, on cooperatives and development organised by CICOPA in Cancun, for which he recently issued a message saying that it came “at a crucial juncture of the global economy”.

“The cooperative movement has to articulate its distinctive features vis-à-vis with the dominant paradigm based on competition and profit-driven motives. The leaders of the movement should organise many more international and regional events to highlight cooperatives’ contributions, especially during the International Year of the Cooperatives”, declared Chowdhury.