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An article in the December issue of the ‘Monde Diplomatique’ on enterprise transfers to their workers

10 December 2007 [ English ] français ]

The article by Cécile Raimbeau (available on www.monde-diplomatique.fr as of January 2007) explains the successes of the hundreds of democratic worker buy-outs of enterprises in crisis in Europe that have taken place over the last twenty years, but also the support or difficulties in terms of government policies. In her survey, the author interviewed CECOP and some of its direct or indirect members, such as COCETA and FESALC in Spain, CGSCOP and URSCOP Rhône-Alpes in France, and CFI in Italy.

The article also looks into the evolution of the trade union movement on the issue of worker ownership and management, and refers to an earlier Monde Diplomatique article (September 2005) on Argentina’s enterprise transfers to workers.