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More than 1,000 cooperators celebrate 30 years of social cooperatives in Italy

Federsolidarietà – Confcooperative, the largest Italian Federation of ‪‎social cooperatives‬ is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first assembly of social ‪cooperatives‬ in 1985. On 18 and 19 June, around 1,200 social cooperators from all around Italy are participating in the conference “Thirty years in the future - From Assisi to Assisi: dreams and successes of social cooperatives". It was launched the Assisi chart, a Code of Ethics anti ‘Mafia Capitale’.‬‬ Read more.


The cooperative view of the Expo Milano kick starts with the stories of workers’ buyouts in Europe

What if the company closes? Workers can become entrepreneurs themselves and the company can indeed be reborn. The first of 17 events (from May until October 2015) of the Italian Confederation of Cooperatives, Confcooperative network is organizing at the Expo Milano put workers’ buyouts at the center of the debate. On May 26, the conference entitled “Feeding our local areas: quality services for quality of life”, organized by Federlavoro e Servizi Confcooperative, representing worker cooperatives, brought together national and European experiences. CECOP network, including the Secretary General, Bruno Roelants, representatives from the Bulgarian worker cooperatives movement and the Mondragon Corporation in Spain shared the international view with the audience. Read more.


How can worker cooperatives inspire Croatian economy?

The economic transition in Croatia in the 1990’s from state to market economy, following the collapse of Yugoslavia, has led enterprises trough complex privatization processes. For many of them this process hasn’t been successful, leaving them in financial and ownership insecurity for more than a decade. An important amount of them haven’t survived, entailing massive job losses. Few of them remain alive and are still struggling with ownership issues. Their particularity is that they used to be organized according to Yugoslav self-management model, and in some cases workers still hold the majority of shares. Read more.


The Spanish social cooperative La Fageda winner of the 2015 Emloyment for All awards

The winners of the 2015 Emloyment for All awards organized by the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) are the social cooperative La Fageda from Spain for their work in facilitating quality job opportunities for individuals with mental illness and disabilities and Elite Supported Employment Agency, Ltd from the United Kingdom as a best practice on providing support services in employment for persons with intellectual disabilities. Read more.


Ownership at the workplace: at least 11 million people are worker-members of their cooperative

On the International ‪‎Workers’ Day‬, CECOP and CICOPA, the International organization of worker and social cooperatives active in industry, services and crafts, wish to stress how the democratic participation and control of worker-members reinforce the economic sustainability of the enterprise and its resilience in times of crisis. With the recent transformation of the world economy, this is no longer a marginal model, indeed, according to the results of the study, “Cooperatives and Employment: a global report”, carried out by CICOPA, at least 11 million people worldwide are worker-members, namely at the same time employees and owners of their cooperative.‬‬‬ Read more.


On air : the European Young Cooperators Network has been officially launched

The European Young Cooperators Network has been officially launched in the framework of Cooperatives Europe General Assembly in Paris on 23 April. The day before, 70 people from 10 different countries across Europe, representing thousands of European youths, gathered to decide on the aims and actions of this network. Worker and social cooperators have actively participated at the first meeting of the network. Young leaders from Italy, different French regions, Spain and the UK move to Paris to build it. Read more.


More young leaders in worker and social cooperatives than in conventional enterprises in France

Cooperative values and participative management are assets that appeal to new generations willing to give a meaning to their working lives. According to a study by CG Scop, the French Confederation of cooperatives in production and services, cooperatives in these sectors are managed by 420 young leaders under 35 years, 15.5% against 11.3% for traditional businesses. Read more.


The New York Times dedicates an article to workers’ buyouts in Europe

The North American daily newspaper The New York Times has published a thorough article on business transfer to employees. It deeply analyses the story of the Editoriale Zanardi, an artisanal printing company located in Northern Italy and transformed into a ‪‎worker cooperative in 2014. The news reflects how cooperatives can save jobs and know-how, showing the resilience of those enterprises in Europe. Read more.


More than 30,000 visitors attended the Fourth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

The fourth successive Forum on Social Entrepreneurship took place from 26 to 29 March 2015 covering an international fair involving more than 100 social enterprises from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Belgium, Italy and Spain, a Fashion Show of clothes produced by social enterprises, an European Conference on Social Entrepreneurship for Growth and Jobs, and different workshops on the social economy. Read more.


Spreading the cooperative word through audiovisual media: the first edition of Festcoop

FestCoop, the International Cooperative Film Festival started out as a way of bringing together people’s experiences working for cooperatives in the social and solidarity economy online, through audiovisual media. Colombia will be the first country to host the event in 2016. In June a dedicated channel will be launched online, along with further information about participating. Read more.


Pope Francis receives Confcooperative representatives and underlines the importance of cooperatives

On 28 February 2015 in Rome, at the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the re-establishment of CECOP Italian member organization Confcooperative in 1945 after the fall of Fascism, 7000 Confcooperative members had an audience with Pope Francis. Read more.

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