Address: European Cooperative House
Avenue Milcamps 105, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 543 1033
Email: cecop@cecop.coop
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A future of Europe that cares for the real economy, sustainable development and social justice

24 March 2017

As the European Union is celebrating 60 years, cooperatives in industry and services wish to call on the need for a...

Offering sail trips as a way to improve life skills, knowledge and attitudes

22 March 2017

For these cooperators navigating is more than a transportation system. Based in Chichester and stablished on 2009,...

Giuseppe Guerini, President of CECOP: “Cooperatives are a real driver of change and one of the few systems that, in today’s world, can provide opportunities for growth and the empowerment of people”

16 March 2017

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