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Javier Salaberría, former CICOPA President has passed away

Javier Salaberría, CICOPA President from 2005 until 2011, sadly passed away on Saturday 26th July and we received this news with great sorrow. Javier will remain a fundamental figure in the memories of all those who worked alongside him, as well as in the history of CICOPA and the worker cooperative movement. Read more.


Worker cooperation development in Belgium

Worker cooperatives in Belgium are getting organised. The Union des Scop Wallonie-Bruxelles has emerged this year thanks to the determination of more than 30 enterprises of various statuses. The objective is to stimulate the creation of a legal status close to the one of the French “scop” (worker cooperative) in Belgium and encourage its development. Read more.


Achieving sustainable development for all through cooperative ownership and participation

On the eve of the International Cooperative Day, CICOPA, the voice of worker, social and artisans’ cooperatives, is underlining the high potential of inclusion of those cooperatives being strongly linked to their ownership and participation, which is inherent in their mission. This capacity to include people merges with an equal redistribution of wealth and the fight against poverty, which are essential to achieve sustainable development for all. That is to say: cooperatives help to integrate the individuals socially and economically in the society. Read more.


Spain: 32% more worker cooperatives created than last year

In 2013, a 32% increase in the creation of worker cooperatives was registered last year, according to the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives (COCETA). Those enterprises present rare figures in the Spanish business world. They are companies that create stable employment by definition. According to figures from the Ministry of Employment, over 80% are worker-owned with permanent and full-time contracts, while in other companies about 90% of contracts are temporary. Read more.


Italian government launches the reform of the third sector : important role assigned to social cooperatives as drivers of growth and employment

“It is with great satisfaction and pride that we welcome Prime Minister Renzi’s decision to assign social cooperatives and social enterprises the role of being the actors most capable of creating both growth and employment. We would like to see the proposal regarding Universal Civil Service for 100,000 young people to be activated as soon as possible. Youth unemployment constitutes an emergency in the present day. We should remember that one in every three young people employed in civil service in one of our social cooperatives is then employed by the cooperative in question.” These were the comments made by Giuseppe Guerini, President of Federsolidarietà-Federsolidarietà, the largest Italian Federation of Social Cooperatives, in response to the Guidelines for the reform of the third sector announced by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Read more.


Business transfer to employees: increased recognition from the European Commission

The European Commission organised a conference on 17 June on business transfer, grouping experts in the field for the occasion. CECOP was invited to share the expertise of its network regarding the transfer of business to employees. Two speakers from the French movement of worker cooperatives were invited. Read more.


Best result in 6 years for the creation of worker cooperatives in France

With 263 new companies, 2013 was the best year in 6 years for the creation of worker cooperatives in France. The total number of companies is now 2,252 (a 4% increase with respect to 2012; and a 17% increase compared to 2009). “Sixty-five per cent of the 263 companies created new companies, which shows that company founders are really subscribing to this economic model. On account of the crisis there was double the amount of take-overs of ailing companies compared to 2012, amounting to 27 companies being taken over in 2013”, said Patrick Lenancker, President of the CG Scop, the Confederation of Worker Cooperatives in France. Read more.


Discover a new site of the Cooproute every week!

Getting ready for summer destinations and planning to travel around Europe? Why not to visit a cooperative contributing to preserve and value the local industrial, cultural and natural heritage? At CECOP, we will help you to discover the sites of Cooproute, the European Route of Cooperative Culture. Until 15 September, we will post the story of a cooperative which is part of this itinerary each week through our campaign #1coop1week! Read more.

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