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Cooperatives as builders of sustainable development

As part of the answer to the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda, CICOPA is publishing the results of the study “Cooperatives as builders of sustainable development”, showing the state-of-the-art of (...)

Promoting cooperatives and the Social Economy in Greece

The report "Promoting cooperatives and the Social Economy in Greece - How to promote the social economy in Greece through social cooperatives, worker cooperatives, and cooperatives of artisans (...)

Business Transfers to Employees under the Form of a Cooperative in Europe

CECOP-CICOPA Europe’s presents in this document the opportunities and challenges for successful business transfers in Europe under the cooperative form. Several good examples are presented from (...)

TOGETHER. How cooperatives show resilience to the crisis

It’s a reality. In Europe, 1.5 million workers co-own their enterprises. They are called worker cooperatives, social cooperatives or participative enterprises. The documentary TOGETHER reveals, (...)

The resilience of the cooperative model

The study “The resilience of the cooperative model”, produced by CECOP - CICOPA Europe identifies the mechanisms which reinforce the resilience of European cooperatives in industry and services to (...)

Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs: Twenty experiences of cooperatives active in industry and services across Europe

The massive wealth and job destruction caused by the 2008 financial crisis has brought back the focus onto the real economy, job creation and territorial development in public agendas. There (...)

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