Address: European Cooperative House
Avenue Milcamps 105, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 543 1033
Email: cecop@cecop.coop


The President of CECOP receives recognition of the Polish cooperative movement on its 200th (...)

25 November 2016

The president of CECOP, Giuseppe Guerini has received the medal for the 200th anniversary of (...)

CECOP calls for improvements to be made to European funding systems supporting cooperatives in their efforts to (...)

24 November 2016

The “Development of cooperatives: financial instruments for investing” workshop, which was (...)

CECOP welcomes the European Commission proposal for a new Directive on preventive restructuring (...)

22 November 2016

CECOP, the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives, welcomes the (...)

“Cooperatives can dignify work”, Giuseppe Guerini, President of CECOP at the EESC-ILO Conference on the Future of (...)

17 November 2016

The experience of industrial and service cooperatives was shared during the European Economic (...)

Great success of the SCIS2016: 4 days of international exchanges on social cooperatives

4 November 2016

Social cooperatives are among the most vital actors of the economy in today’s world, showing the (...)

Béatrice Barras, co-founder of French cooperative Ardelaine, receives the French state medal “Order of (...)

31 October 2016

Béatrice Barras, co-founder of worker cooperative Ardelaine, has received the French state medal (...)

European industrial and service cooperatives participate in the International Summit of Cooperatives

18 October 2016

The third International Summit of Cooperatives, an initiative of the International Co-operative (...)

Are you a cooperative manager? Register to the SCIS2016 before 22 September: few seats left!

16 September 2016

Are you a social cooperative manager willing to know other international experiences? Keep on (...)

The European Parliament recognises the job creation potential of small and medium cooperatives in industry and (...)

15 September 2016

Today, the plenary session of the European Parliament has approved the report entitled 'How (...)

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