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Italian cooperatives resist the crisis

8 October 2010

The cooperatives affiliated to Confcooperative in Italy are facing the crisis: like all other (...)

Cooperative enterprises in industry and services prove their strong resilience to the crisis

23 June 2010

As a response to its concerns regarding the economic crisis and its serious challenges for (...)

EU Employment Commissioner László Andor : cooperatives have been innovative in time of crisis

20 April 2010

The European Parliament EPP Group (Group of the European People's Party) organised on the 14th (...)

The importance of cooperatives featured on the Guardian website

13 February 2010

As the Labour Party announced that it will support and encourage the cooperative movement at (...)

The French press highlights the virtues of cooperatives on the occasion of the launch of the “SCOP” (...)

5 February 2010

The French daily newspaper “Le Monde” and the website of the “L’Entreprise” magazine have showcased (...)

The CGScop unveils its new brand and logo at the salon des entrepreneurs in Paris

5 February 2010

The whole of the French cooperative movement has affirmed its ambition to bring about further (...)

Michel Barnier European Parliament Hearing: The new Internal Market commissioner wants to focus his attention on (...)

25 January 2010

On 13 January, Michel Barnier, the internal market and financial services commissioner-designate

International mobilisation to help cooperatives in Haiti: CICOPA supports the Cooperatives reconstruction (...)

22 January 2010

Given the extent of the damage provoked by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake and numerous after (...)

Important recognition of cooperatives at the world level: the United Nations proclaim 2012 as the International (...)

24 December 2009

The resolution that the United Nations have just adopted is a real plea for cooperatives. This (...)

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