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The MEP Patrizia Toia drafts an initiative report on the contribution of cooperatives to overcoming the (...)

7 May 2013

At the beginning of July, on the eve of the International Day of Cooperatives, the European (...)

Dirk Lehnhoff, new President of Cooperatives Europe

6 May 2013

Dirk Lehnhoff has been elected President of Cooperatives Europe, the European intersectoral (...)

The Spanish Minister for Employment underlines that cooperatives have shown a higher capacity to create and (...)

28 April 2013

Although more than six million people are unemployed in Spain, cooperatives have managed to not (...)

Express your ideas about the new global logo for the cooperative movement!

25 April 2013

The idea of creating a new global visual image for the cooperative movement was launched in the (...)

CECOP supports Italian demand for the maintenance of a 4% VAT rate for Italian social cooperatives

17 April 2013

At the occasion of the conference “VAT in the public sector and exemptions in the public (...)

CECOP shares its expertise in the conference “Building a Mediterranean Cooperative System” held in (...)

16 April 2013

The European Confederation of Cooperatives in Industry and services (CECOP) participated in the (...)

"Alternativas económicas", new Spanish magazine under the model of a worker cooperative

5 April 2013

“Alternativas económicas” is a worker cooperative for which the main objective is the edition of (...)

Mondragon Corporation, winner at the Boldness in Business awards organised by the Financial (...)

2 April 2013

Mondragon Corporation has won the Drivers of Change category at the Boldness in Business (...)

Bulgaria, promoting social entrepreneurship for people with disabilities

26 March 2013

Cooperatives and social enterprises from several European countries and representatives from (...)

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